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This and other important World War II events from March are summarized in the World War II The heaviest fighting occurred after dark on March

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British military force in Libya is thinned down as some men are sent to assist the Greeks in their emerging battle with approaching.

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The following events occurred in March Contents. 1 March 1, ( Saturday); 2 March 2, The Battle of South Henan ended in Chinese victory. . Thailand in World War II: Vichy French and Thai delegates negotiated a treaty in which.

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This is a list of all battles involving the United States during World War II. Name, Start Date, End Date, Location, Campaign, U.S. Casualties, Opposing Force. Battle of the Atlantic, September 13, , May 8, , Atlantic Ocean, Battle of El Guettar, March 23, , April 7, , El Guettar, Tunisia, Tunisia Campaign.

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Timeline of World War II covering political and military events of Two crucial events occurred in that would have a profound impact on the war for the Axis powers - the Germans turned their attention Tuesday, March 11th,

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March 11, The U.S. Congress passes the Lend-Lease Act giving Roosevelt the authority to sell, transfer, or lease war goods to the government of any.

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Oct 29, Proposed in late and passed in March , the Lend-Lease Act for providing U.S. military aid to foreign nations during World War II.

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Mar 4 The United Kingdom launches Operation Claymore on the Lofoten Islands, during World War II. Mar 7 3rd largest snowfall in NYC history ("); Mar 7.

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Jul 21, September Canada declares war on Germany; Battle of the Atlantic March 12, Finland signs a peace treaty with the Soviet Union.