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Hawaiian surfing legend Johnny Boy Gomes, 50, was arrested on Friday for assaulting another man in the water at Waikiki. He was originally.

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North Shore surfing legend Johnny Boy Gomes was arrested on assault charges last Saturday after allegedly getting into an physical altercation while surfing.

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Former Pipe Master and renowned Hawaiian enforcer Johnny Boy Gomes has been The Makaha-born surfer, first did time as a year-old when he was.

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Surfing has a long history of violence and intimidation. has had a big say in what does, and doesn't, happen on the North Shore of Oahu. with one of surfing's most notorious psychos Johnny-Boy Gomes (see next page) in.

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By today's standard, Jodie Cooper had a late start to surfing, first learning on head from Johnny Boy Gomes and some pretty horrendous online bullying . what happens in the future if my kids are gay or a niece or nephew?.

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Johnny Boy Gomes is probably the most infamous member of There have been plenty of stoushes between surfers over the years.

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Snarling regularfooter from Makaha, Oahu; winner of the Pipeline Masters, and a power surfer for the ages. "He's outrageously talented," Australian surf.

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The most successful British pro surfer in history, who in became the first European ever to qualify for the WCT. He would remain on tour.