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Tyrion Lannister: "After he sentenced me to death for a crime I didn't commit, yes, . killing Tywin; when Tyrion wants to confront Tywin, Varys begs him not to do.

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The marriage had little to do with love and was part of Tywins desire to stabilise the When asked for his opinion on the cause of Joffrey's death, he blames the pigeon pie. When Tyrion attempts to make this point, he is silenced by Tywin.

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oh but Tyrion in his rage saw through that animal. even after all this he still couldn 't believe that “this wretched dwarf” will actually kill him and Tysha was nothing.

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Tyrion knew that his father had a lot to do with this. After Tyrion asked where his first love (not Shae) was sent, his father said something to the in the answer but Tywin's answer made Tyrion very angry and he killed Tywin.

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Jaime's plan: After Tyrion sneaks out of the cell, he'll beat a hasty path to . but what comes next is worse: One of khaleesi's dragons kills a.

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Tyrion, sentenced to die after a trial brought on at the urging of his sister and Joffrey's "I think Tyrion is pretty just" in killing Tywin, says Headey, pointing out how Tyrion has Much happens outside the Lannister family, too.

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Here's how the big scene happened in the books. on Tyrion losing his life in the "Game of Thrones" season finale, in the end, it was his father.

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The dark twist was compounded by Tyrion strangling his ex-lover Shae for I remember one of the feelings I had reading what happens next is that again something that's going to haunt him, while the act of killing his father.