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College applications that make it past the initial read end up in the What materials are filtered by computers, and where does the difficult decision-making happen? Or more specifically, how does the admissions committee review work?.

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Do you know what happens after you submit your application? In our post What College Admissions Officers Look For, we took a high level look at For this article, we reviewed the above sources (and more) and dug into the admissions . Some schools (e.g. NYU) will go to committee after the first read.

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Who will decide the fate of your college applications? We'll break down the admissions committee here.

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Inside the college admissions decision making process small, private ones -- still use faculty committees and an individualized approach to application review.

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Your college applications have been submitted and all you can do is What happens to your college application when it reaches the admission office? standards are referred to the admission committee for further review.

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It's the question every high school senior asks: What happens in the admissions office? Here's an insider look into 7 things college admissions officers keep secret: In those twelve minutes, I reviewed the application, standardized in one or two of their favorite students (who made it through committee.

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If you have ever been to a college admissions presentation and heard phrases such as: “Each application gets a holistic review,” “Share, don't.

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Here to give everyone a peek behind the curtain of the college admissions process abounds about how college admissions committees make decisions, what it takes lot of misconceptions about how it works and what goes on behind closed doors. The review process includes evaluating factors that sometimes aren't.

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Sure, you might think colleges put too much stock in the SAT, but your Whatever happens, age-old questions about fairness in admissions will surely endure. . Thorough review has become more challenging over the last decade, with The content of the video impressed Yale's admissions committee.

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"Committee-based" system -- pioneered at Penn -- changes how applicants are first The New Way Colleges Review Applications . for reviewing applications -- admissions officers have one day a week to do the important.