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James Bond first sees Sévérine assisting French terrorist Patrice in an art dealer's . 'Skyfall': Bérénice Marlohe talks Bond girl Severine – video – Movies News.

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Sévérine is a fictional character who appears in the 23rd James Bond film Skyfall (). Played by Bérénice Marlohe, Sévérine is a former sex slave who works.

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You must understand that Sévérine was under the complete authority and control of Raoul Silva. Everything she did or was doing was on.

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Was anyone else takin-a-back by the fact that Severine was only in the great when it happens in something so formulaic like a Bond film.

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Skyfall beauty Berenice Marlohe has revealed that she had to coax However, Berenice, who plays Severine in the movie, didn't see the funny.

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Why in SKYFALL he lets two innocents get killed? STRONG SPOILERS Spoiler - The chinese guy with Severine: he could have prevented.

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It all revolved around Bérénice Lim Marlohe as Severine, Skyfall's Midway through the movie, Bond meets a pretty lady, as he is wont to do.

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I mean, hell, that happens in the first half of the movie! . gun sweep maneuver to disarm and kill Silva's bodyguards before Severine is killed.

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Skyfall () to office work ("Something to do with killing ") - she was assisting the new In Shanghai, China, Severine (Berenice Marlohe) first appeared as a Severine's sail-equipped yacht approached her employer's foggy and.

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Sévérine: Would you mind if I ask you a business question? James Bond: Depends on the question. Sévérine: It has to do with - death. James Bond: A subject.