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Find out the Council Tax band for a home in England or Wales by looking up its postcode. Start now on the Council Tax valuation list.

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I got an email earlier from someone asking me what Council Tax Band their property is in. I imagine a lot of people have no idea what council tax band they're in.

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The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on how much the property was worth on 1 April At this time properties were put into valuation bands for the purposes of Council Tax. Find the Council You are here. Home» Council Tax.

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Your house could be in the wrong council tax band. See how to check, challenge your banding and possibly get a rebate of £s with Money Saving Expert.

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So first check your band, and then your neighbours'. A second useful step is to estimate what your house was worth in , as that's when.

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Find your Council Tax band for Budget - read about our proposals for the next financial year and have your say before 5pm on 29 January.