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That staircase illustrates the purpose of inclusive education Like the staircase, To see how inclusion looks for a young man with multiple.

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they looked to Sam for approval/disapproval—noting his smile. When Lucy brought Sam to his classroom, the children were busy writing at their desks.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes. When we as teachers use the word.

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I believe 'inclusion' means every child is given the opportunity to achieve their potential. This may look very different to some students.

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While D&I initiatives have been rolled out across corporations and agencies, what the end result should look like is another matter, said experts.

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In order to investigate in some depth what different people might understand about what inclusion might mean and what it might look like in.

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Sharron has been living independently for about 10 years now and with the help of her support team she has been able to grow and become more independent.

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One of the questions that I get asked the most being an advocate for inclusive education is, “What does it look like?” Honestly, I think that is the.