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Cover: Badgers dig burrows in friable soil for cover. Niche: Badgers are highly specialized fossorial mustelids that help control small mammal populations.

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The honey badger has a very broad niche. The only places it cannot live in are extreme deserts and areas that have more that mm (cm) of rainfall per.

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Niche Ecology. Search this site. Home. Welcome to Niche Ecology. Please use the links below to navigate the site Badger.

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I always considered the American badger (Taxidea taxus) a nocturnal mammal. So Leonard and I were surprised when we began to see them.

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In general, the most populated area of honey badgers is typically within African Saharan environments. Its preferred niche typically consists of dry grasslands or .

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European badger habitat requirements in the Netherlands – combining ecological niche models with neighbourhood analysis.

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The badger is a stocky mammal of about 20 lbs with a silver-gray colored coat. The badger's legs are short and powerful; and its tail is short and bushy.