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Adze: A shipwright's tool, similar to an axe, used for shaping and dressing wood. It was different from an axe in that it had a long slender curved blade set at a.

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Early SHIPWRIGHT CAULKING TOOLS Iron Tools, Boat Building, Colonial, Caulking box and shipwright tools of mine Antique Tools, Vintage Tools, All Tools .

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From the earliest days of the American colonies carpenters, sawyers, shipwrights and other craftsmen were recruited from Britain and other.

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Visitors to Colonial Williamsburg are as intrigued by 18th-century tools as they are by 18th-century methods of building. Take a look at some of the more unusual.

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Between America's vast natural resources, excellent location in relation to the world market, . Relative to other laborers, shipwrights earned a higher standard of living with their acquired skills. Tools used included the mallets and irons.

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An adze is a cutting tool similar to an axe but with the cutting edge perpendicular to the handle . in semi-industrial areas, but particularly by 'revivalists' such as those at the Colonial Williamsburg cultural center in Virginia, USA. However Shipwright's adze - A lighter, and more versatile adze than the carpenter's adze.