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Etymology[edit]. From conlang + -er. Pronunciation[edit]. (General American) IPA: /ˈkɑn.læŋ.ɚ/; (Received Pronunciation) IPA: /ˈkɒn.læŋ.ə/; Hyphenation.

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A conlanger is someone who creates or constructs languages or conlangs. dads-space.com is a site by the Language Creation Society (LCS) for conlangers.

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Definition of conlanger - a person who creates an artificial language.

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A conlanger /ˈkɒnlæŋər/ is a person who invents conlangs (constructed languages). Professional conlangers[edit]. Individuals who have been hired to create.

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Famous conlangs, from Elvish to Klingon to Dothraki. A Conlanger is a person who creates languages (Con-Language= constructed language).

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inventor of Dothraki and Valyrian, may be the first professional 'conlanger' primarily as a “conlanger,” or maker of constructed languages.

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Linguist Jobs: Professional Conlanger The newest constructed language in popular media: “ Christine Schreyer can finally disclose her secret identity.

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"A new conlanger will do that sentence and believe that they now have a word that's equivalent to the English word 'control,' like in 'control your.