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The Delhi Sultanate was a Muslim sultanate based mostly in Delhi that stretched over large . Following his death, the Delhi Sultanate saw a succession of weak rulers, disputing Muslim nobility, assassinations, and short-lived tenures.

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Jun 15, Delhi Sultanate spanned five dynasties, 32 rulers and years. It laid the foundation of Islam in India and lasted from to Delhi is.

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Delhi dads-space.com Ghiyas ud din Tughluq Shah I ( - ); Muhammad bin Tughluq.

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In , Qutb ud-Din, one of his generals, proclaimed himself sultan of Delhi and founded a line of rulers called the Slave dynasty, because he and several of.

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The early rulers of the Delhi Sultanate are often viewed as iconoclastic pillagers, best known for their indiscriminate destruction of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain.

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Delhi sultanate, principal Muslim sultanate in north India from the 13th to the 16th period—namely, that rulers sought paramountcy rather than sovereignty.

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Slave dynasty, (–90), line of sultans at Delhi, India, that lasted for nearly a rival Slave ruler, Tāj al-Dīn Yildoiz, during which he captured and lost Ghazna.

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Apr 4, Find out the timeline and chronology of the rulers of Delhi Sultanate along with the causes of decline of Delhi Sultanate.