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I went and I didn't even get in. In my freshman year I decided to go trick or treating with some friends(it's a little weird as high schoolers,but whatever), and we.

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However, the image of a crazy high school party in which parents are When confronted with a dangerous situation, you want your kids to call.

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Your teenager self would be like, “Get a grip, boring person. Oh my god, writing this makes me want to go to a high school party so bad.

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I remember being at a high school party where people were casually walking around with $60 bottles of Grey Goose like it was no big deal.

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Boring. I imagined a party like in the movies. Booze, girls, excess. It was nothing like that. I just drank one or two beers, the girls were as shy as.

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Parties can be a significant part of the high school experience, but knowing what to do at them can sometimes be tough. You don't want to end up sitting along.

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ok so im a sophomore, and I'm going to this girls party tonight. i don't really know what to do or say lol. theres gonna be beer and this girl i like.

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As I entered my first day of high school, I was told that these will be the best four I was so happy I was in the scene and didn't want to say no.

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Parties still serve the same purpose that they always did — you students and one high schooler about how to party and what's cool on the drugs scene. "You want to get drunk enough so that you don't have to spend too.

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The high school parties I've been to are full of drugs, alcohol, and “hooking up.” TV shows make these parties seem like it's just one room.