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Wondering how to recognize a pre-printed autograph? Read our guide and educate yourself on spotting autograph preprints.

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It means both the photo and the autograph are copies. Let's assume the celeb autographed a photo (so the original is a real autograph). Somebody then makes .

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Even though, the industry's largest "authenticator" has recently passed a number of preprinted autographs as "authentic", recognizing a preprint is generally.

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If you read about my first autograph you might recall the shine test. If so, it probably is a preprint (a printed copy of an autographed photo by the celebrity). 3 .

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Identifying Preprint or Reprint Autographs Hold the autograph close to a bright light.

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Manufacturers of mass-produced sports memorabilia very often add a 'celebrity autograph' that is pre-printed. The best way to spot these fakes.