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A paddy field is a flooded parcel of arable land used for growing semiaquatic rice . Paddy cultivation should not be confused with cultivation of deepwater rice.

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In agriculture, a terrace is a piece of sloped plane that has been cut into a series of Terraced paddy fields are used widely in rice, wheat and barley farming in east, south, and southeast Asia, as well as the Mediterranean, Africa, and South.

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Paddy: Paddy, small, level, flooded field used to cultivate rice in southern and eastern Asia. Wet-rice cultivation is the most prevalent method of farming in the Far.

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While some people long to escape rice paddy labor, for many Cambodians, their fields are labors of love that provide sustenance and income.

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Because of prolonged flooding in rice fields, farmers are able to conserve soil organic matter and also receive free input of nitrogen from biological sources.

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Water management has a profound effect on methane emission from rice fields ( Sass et al., ). Mid-season draining, dressing, and fertilizing Japanese rice.