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A tie-in point is a location on an existing plant where a new installation is to connect to. Until such time as new installation is built and ready for testing the tie- in.

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Piping tie-ins are unavoidable in plants where expansion is a current or future factor. Steam, condensate, compressed air, dust collection.

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Define tie-in. tie-in synonyms, tie-in pronunciation, tie-in translation, English dictionary definition of tie-in. n. 1. A connection or association: the tie-in between .

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In deviated production wells and especially re-entries and multilaterals, the KOP is the point where the new wellbore is established (when kicking off from open.

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A tie-in work is a work of fiction or other product based on a media property such as a film, Although increasingly also a domain of previously established novelists, tie-in writing has the disadvantages, from the writers' point of view, of modest.

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A draw or tie occurs in a competitive sport when the results are identical or inconclusive. Ties or Some other measure may be used, such as aggregate point difference. A game may continue on in extra time. To ensure a quick result, some.

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Identify each Tie-In(s) schematic location on P&ID - Process Engineer Mark or tag the selected Tie-In point - Piping Design & Plant Personnel.

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Tie-in number e.g. T 2. Location/description of tie-in point e.g. T located upstream of control valve PCV-XXX & on line number.