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This graph shows the outstanding public debt of the United States of America from to In September , the national debt had risen up to

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The United States debt-ceiling crisis centered on the raising of the federal government debt ceiling, and is part of an ongoing political debate in the United.

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Without a change in trajectory, the national debt will reach $26 trillion in 10 years. In Business Madison / March / A U.S. debt crisis: Real concern or.

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The auto industry bailout of GM, Ford, and Chrysler cost $80 billion. The U.S. government's $ billion bailout of the auto industry lasted 9, GMAC ( Ally), $ billion, $ billion, +$ billion, Dec. . The company pledged to cut its debt by $30 billion by converting debt ownership for equity.

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The U.S. government lost $ billion on its bailout of General Motors General Motors World Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan January 11, The U.S. bailout of GM and Chrysler, which received about $ billion.

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After paying its expenses, the Fed returns the remainder of its revenues to the U.S. Treasury, which has been used to service the federal debt.

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Today in Wonkbook: The debt ceiling versus the trillion-dollar coin; who's filling out Obama's cabinet; how defense spending got so big -- and how it might January 8, "The U.S. government may default on its debt as soon as Feb.

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The government want us to believe in the "debt deficit disaster: in order tax and omit the financial effect of the tax refund received in late

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India's external debt, the amount money Indians have to repay in US dollars and other account brings back memories of a currency crisis in after Federal Reserve Rupee the 'whipping boy', but may dodge record low.