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YMCA Camp Cha La Kee Construction of our NEW Airnasium is almost complete . What is an Airnasium, you ask? It's a perfect place for campers and staff to.

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The Airnasium is an open air gymnasium. Two large stonewalls at either end of the building support the steel roof. Two long porches with benches run the length .

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It has been called a “solar awning,” an “airnasium” and an open-air building. Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure: The solar panel-lined.

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The campus will also include an airnasium and athletic fields for sporting and outdoor activities and events, including our Greek Festival along with our Easter.

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The airnasium, or open-air gym, built over one of the basketball courts, now accommodates outdoor sport activities, like basketball, street.

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This airnasium structure can accommodate several outdoor sporting activities throughout the seasons, rain or shine. (70' X ' X 28' Airnasium in Hollywood.