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Gross primary production is the total elaboration of organic matter through photosynthesis (GPP). • Autotrophic respiration is the metabolism of organic matter by.

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The results showed that the proportion of total carbon assimilation expended in autotrophic respiration (i.e., the respiration to assimilation ratio, R/A) was.

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Autotrophic respiration. dads-space.com Definition. RespirationRespiration by photosynthetic(see photo-synthesis) organisms.

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Autotrophic respiration. as defined in IPCC, Annex III-Glossary. by. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Respiration by photosynthetic(see .

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AUTOTROPHIC RESPIRATION. Plants fix carbon by photosynthesis. The word “ photosynthesis” is here used to denote the carbon fixed by gross photosynthesis.

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Autotrophs are plants or microorganisms (especially Cyanobacteria) that can utilize and convert non-organic sources of energy (chemical or photonic) into ATP.