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Learn how to get him (and you!) a good night's rest with these sleep-through-the- night strategies that can help baby go to sleep and stay snoozing until morning.

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Do your baby's sleep habits have you feeling like a zombie? Learn when babies start sleeping through the night and what it means for your baby's physical and.

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Find out when babies have the ability to sleep through the night, how many hours that really means, and what you can do to encourage better sleeping.

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Review the changes in baby sleep schedules from newborns to older infants so that you know when your baby should be sleeping through the.

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At this age, babies generally have their days and nights straightened out. Many infants even "sleep through the night," which means 5 or 6 hours at a time.

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Your baby can wake up during the night for all sorts of reasons. Find out how you can help your baby settle to sleep, and encourage her to sleep for longer.

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What counts as baby sleeping through the night? It depends on the age of your baby. Learn when you can expect your baby to sleep fully.