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Biological clock definition is - an inherent timing mechanism in a living system that is inferred to exist in order to explain the timing or periodicity of various.

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Biological clock may refer to: Age and female fertility, decrease of female fertility with advancing maternal age; Ageing, biological program that limits the lifespan.

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A woman's sudden need to have a child, puberty, etc. are all supposedly controlled by a biological clock. As well as waking up and sleeping habits. Hence .

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Two internal systems interact to regulate when we sleep and when we are awake . These systems are the sleep/wake homeostat, which monitors our need for.

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biological clock* The mechanism, presumed to exist within many animals and plants, that produces regular periodic changes in behaviour or physiology.

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Your biological clock is your body's way of registering time. It does not rely on events such as day or night, but on factors such as your habits, your age, and.

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We have various metabolic processes within our bodies that are to some extent “ clock-like” (i.e. repetitive and predictable – see the section on Clocks), e.g. heart .

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Define biological clock. biological clock synonyms, biological clock pronunciation , biological clock translation, English dictionary definition of biological clock. n.

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The existence of the biological clock can be particularly apparent when it's off kilter: Jet lag and shift work can throw our normal patterns out of.

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Feeling tired after turning the clock back? That's because the internal clock that controls your circadian rhythms needs time to adjust.