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The definition of a check card and a look at the pros and cons of using it and how it differs from other methods of payment.

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Checking your account activity weekly—or even more frequently if you use your card a lot—is a good way to make sure there is no.

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Your ATM/Checkcard works like a check, only it's faster, easier and more for contacting cardholders to verify suspicious activity on an ATM or Checkcard.

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Wells Fargo has sent notices to customers that starting Oct. 14, it will cost them $3 a month to use a debit card. The activity fees are a way for.

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An activity charge is a fee charged to cover the servicing costs of an Debit card use fees;; Hard copy statement fees;; Returned check charges.

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Access this screen by selecting the Activity option on the ATM/Debit Card Maintenance screen or Credit Card Maintenance screen.