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Depolarization occurs in the four chambers of the heart: both atria first, and then both ventricles. The sinoatrial (SA) node on the wall of the.

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The individual heart cells are said to be polarized. This has been shown by inserting micro-electrodes into individual cells connected to a.

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Valves open and close in response to pressure changes in the heart. 7. Depolarization with corresponding contraction of myocardial muscle moves as a wave.

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Contractions in the heart occur when there is electrical changes within the muscle. This is called “Depolarisation”. The ECG works by picking up theses changes.

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At an average heart rate of 70 beats min−1, the heart needs to contract and depolarize, generating the intrinsic electrical activity of the heart.

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(a) Voltage changes in the heart as a function of changes in ion currents into and . The early rapid repolarization phase of the action potential, which follows.

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the depolarization and repolarization sequence in the heart; the fact that when a wavefront of depolarization travels towards the + electrode and away from the.

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Abstract. 1. To study the origin of ischaemic myocardial depolarization, the diastolic surface potential - T-Q depression-was correlated with subepicardial.

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Heterogeneity of transmural ventricular repolarization in the heart has been linked to a variety of arrhythmic manifestations. Electrical heterogeneity in ventricular.