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So I currently have Gateway on my 3DS (firemware ) and I'm looking to upgrade and get my 3DS playing online. I read something on.

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Basically, as its name is stating it, emunand is an emulated nand. It's more or less like a Virtual Machine on your computer, as the 3DS nand.

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Instead, follow the guide on dads-space.com WORK IN PROGRESS BEWARE Sysnand vs emunand: Your firmware and what runs your *DS is typically placed.

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This latest update brings support for Emunand on the New 3DS. Don't get mistaken though, this does not let users on firmware user a.

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With the EmuNAND Team Xecuter offers the option to make a copy of the NAND to run from it the SX OS, allowing the Nintendo Switch to keep.

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So how exactly am I supposed to get the EmuNAND ready on my 3DS? I would certainly like to test out my new Omega Ruby hack with.