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Apr 12, It's easy to do if you already own a different vehicle and insure it under a personal auto policy. Simply add Extended Non-Owned Auto coverage.

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POLICY NUMBER: PERSONAL AUTO. PP 03 06 If indicated below or in the Declarations, Extended Non-Owned Coverage applies to: Named Individual and .

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The answer is to add an endorsement to the personal auto policy referred to as the Extended Non-Owned Coverage for Named Individuals to the personal auto.

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Definition of extended non-owner liability: An attachment to an automobile policy that provides coverage for the insured while driving vehicles he or she does not.

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Dec 20, Are you aware of the coverage limits of your personal auto policy? You need to add the extended non-owned coverage for named individuals.

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North Carolina Extended Non-Owned Liability Coverage — (Personal Auto Policy Only). LIABILITY COVERAGE Liability coverage may be extended to an.

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How can I do this under my personal auto policy? add an endorsement commonly referred to as the Extended Non-Owned Coverage for Named Individuals to.

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Jul 7, Dual ownership is created when an employee-owned auto is leased to . extend covered auto status to a non-owned auto and insured status.

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Aug 30, The covered autos symbols on the policy are symbol 1 (any auto) for liability ask her auto insurer to add the Extended Non-Owned Coverage.

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EXTENDED NON-OWNED COVERAGE FOR NAMED INDIVIDUAL Any auto you don't own is a covered auto for Liability Coverage while being used by any.