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A circular mil is a unit of area, equal to the area of a circle with a diameter of one mil It corresponds to ♤×10−4 mm2. It is a unit intended for referring to the area of a wire with a circular cross . When large diameter wire sizes such as the widely used kcmil and kcmil wires are specified.

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dads-space.com · dads-space.com, Print, Metric and Inch wire sizes Logical AWG Number, AWG (and "Aught" */0 Equiv), MCM or kcmil, Circular MILS .

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Wire Size Comparison Table. AWG-kcmil Vs INCH2 Vs MM2. Wire Size AWG. Wire Size kcmil. Wire Size mm2. Wire Size inch2.

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MCM is an abbreviation for thousands of circular mils, an old measurement of wire gauge. 1 MCM = 1 kcmil = square milimeters. A mil is 1/ inch.

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“What is the difference between MCM and KCMIL? The measurement used for determining wire sizes larger than awg, is the circular.

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AWG—American wire gauge; kcmil—In the North American electrical industry, conductors larger than 4/0 AWG are generally identified by the area in thousands .

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AWG, diameter mil, circular mil, diameter in mm and area in mm 2. American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a U.S. standard for wire conductor size. The "gauge" is.

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Logical AWG (and Cross Metric UL Cross Diameter Diameter Diameter Typ. MCM or Circular mm2 mm2. AWG "Aught" */0 Section Equivalent Section SOLID .

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ILSCO Wire Size Charts. AWG VS. METRIC WIRE SIZES. Metric. Wire. Circ. Mils kcmil. | kcmil. kcmil kcmil.