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A Study of Hydrologic Simulation Models. "Rainfall/Runoff Simulation". Term Paper- K Surface Water Hydrology- Dr David Maidment December 6,

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Should I enter a lag time or a time of concentration for my catchments? In general, the hydrology calculations in PondPack, SewerGEMS and.

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A hydrograph is a graph showing the rate of flow (discharge) versus time past a specific point in Lag time: the time interval from the center of mass of rainfall excess to the peak of the resulting hydrograph. Time to peak: time interval from the.

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For Higher Geography learn how to interpret a hydrograph and explore the There is a delay because it takes time for the water to find its way to the river.

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Hydrograph lag time was analyzed to determine changes after my graduate program. . Hydrograph lag time was defined as the difference between the.

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[1] The lag time between peak rainfall and peak discharge is an important index reflecting hydrological properties in a catchment. To characterize lag times, we.