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Magazine paper are paper grades generally used in printing of magazines. Contents. 1 Manufacture; 2 Paper grades; 3 Sustainability; 4 References. Sources. Manufacture[edit]. Main article: Paper machine. Magazine papers are made on paper machines from pulp.

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Magazines with very high circulation like Vogue print on the thinnest types of gloss text (45 lb to 60 lb paper). At paper mills, recycled paper is often used to get the pulp that paper is made from. What type of paper is used for printing glossy magazines?.

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Glossy Paper. For decades, glossy paper, the type used in magazines, was made using a white clay called kaolin (named after the Chinese.

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But for short run magazines: where do you go for magazine paper? weight for making your magazine look like it was professionally made.

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Printing paper used for magazines is defined by its finish, weight and grade. Different paper mills in the United States, Canada and overseas.

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But a large percentage of recycled paper is made from pre-consumer material - misprints and overruns from printers, for example. Although percent.

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A high quality paper (like that used for books, copy-books, and colored magazines) is obtained from cellulose paste. Tiny cut chips achieved.

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Magazine paper is a type of newsprint made from wood pulp (cellulose), like most paper. It contains fibers that strengthen the paper, and often has a glossy coat.