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Malambing English translation, explanation of the Filipino word malalambing. As in the Tagalog words lambing and paglalambing Lambing.

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We provide Filipino to English Translation. We also provide English-Tagalog Online Translator. Write Word or Search Query: malambing. Best translation.

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Tagalog: malambing, English: affectionate · Edit. naglalambing lang ako: Word: lambing. Active Verb: maglambing. English Definition: (verb) to caress; to show.

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"malambing" is a tagalog word,i think. to use it in sentences is like: that dog is " malambing". My child very "malambing" to me. i think it means.

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malambing ka! = you're sweet! P.S.. Its amazing how people come up with a new abbreviation. YATTETP (Yet Another Tagalog to English.

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English translation:You are beautiful and affectionate. Explanation: Hi Fernanda, your source Tagalog text is a complete sentence which is.

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Contextual translation of "malambing" into English. Human translations with examples: sweet, affectionate, synonyms sad, what a sweetie, not like before.