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increased honey production (Popescu, ); practicing mixed . Our strategy for competitive advantage is based on our understanding of customer needs.

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Market orientation means centering customer needs and wants in your business decisions, and it has several advantages.

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Distinction should be made between market orientation and marketing orientation. Market orientation places the customer at the top of the.

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Does your business enjoy the benefits of the marketing orientation, or does it have another focus? Learn how the marketing orientation can benefit you.

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a market orientation for your small business is an organizational strategy dedicated to meeting the needs of consumers all your business s strategies and.

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Participatory identification of market-oriented beekeeping interventions. . Table 7. Changes in seasonal bee forage availability in relation to various land uses Changes in average hive honey productivity (kg/hive per year) as function .

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organic products and their benefit to nature, just compare the prices. There was no concept of forest honey: honey sold in the market had no identity that.