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It's frustrating—muddy sound means a lack of clarity and definition with poor of your sounds have information in the low frequencies even if they're not bass.

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Muddy means no clarity, and mushy-sounding distortion usually. Turn your tone knob to 1, Turn your treble all the way down, and bass all the.

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I love the sound of Adam Clayton's bass, especially on their song me on how to get it to sit well in a mix without being muddy or boomy?.

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Muddy bass can be more of an artifact of poor speaker/subwoofer design all the bass sounds like one note and it's poorly defined and sloppy.

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It's generally a – Hz problem that clouds all definition in the bass sounding awesome and you don't think you need to worry about the Muddy Booms.

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on small speakers. Let's look at a few easy EQ fixes to make your bass guitar sound cleaner. It's either too muddy, too thick or too weak. It's hard to find that.

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Hello everyone, Hope you can help; Bass sounds muddy Have tryed all the adjustments, no can dohyper.

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Hi, I just got a wireless for my bass and in my new walk of freedom I . The PA, unlike your bass amp, is designed to throw sound further.

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At many occasions my bass would sound muddy and unclear. I hate this and other band members do too. There are all like, can you make you.

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I've really been trying to get my kick/sub bass combo down. but it's just If I don't compensate, the track sounds muddy on every other system.