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The atomic time signal is that "finger" it helps the watch sync right In multi band versions of the watches the timezone also points to what.

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CASIO EDIFICE Official Website Radio-controlled (MULTI BAND 6) Page.

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We launched the world's first multi-band Atomic Timekeeping watch in , and remain a pioneer of this field. Combined with our proprietary light powered.

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Two-way time sync is made possible via Bluetooth Connectivity and the G- SHOCK app, as well as G-SHOCK's Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology.

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Intelligent mens analog atomic timekeeping watch collection. SOLAR · 1/ SECOND CHRONOGRAPH · ATOMIC TIMEKEEPING Multiband 4 Regions.

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Terrestrial radio wave reception from 6 transmission stations worldwide. Automatic time correction available in Japan, North America, UK, Europe and China.

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Casio Wave Ceptor is a line of radio watches by Casio. Wave Ceptor watches set themselves to the correct time by receiving time signals from various government time services around the world. These signals transmit the time measured by atomic clocks accurate to one Some of the Casio G-Shock watches are multi- band 6.

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Even better, the G-Shock MTGAJF features self-adjusting multi-band 6 atomic time keeping. Multi-band 6 is the world's first radio-control.