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Multiplex PCR is a widespread molecular biology technique for amplification of multiple targets in a single PCR experiment. In a multiplexing assay, more than.

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Multiplex polymerase chain reaction (Multiplex PCR) refers to the use of polymerase chain Multiplex-PCR was first described in as a method to detect deletions in the dystrophin gene. It has also been used with the steroid sulfatase.

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Multiplex PCR is a modification of PCR that uses multiple pairs of primers in a single PCR mixture; the primer pairs being specific to different DNA sequences.

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Advances in molecular technology have as allowed its use as clinical diagnostic tools. Multiplex PCR based testing has made its way to.

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Multiplex polymerase chain reaction is a technique by which different (DHPLC) are important tests used to detect mutations of DNA after amplification by PCR;.

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Multiplex PCR amplification techniques can be used in order to increase the information content of the Y-STR haplotype typing approach, and also to reduce.