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Mummitomium appears randomly and is exceedingly rare. There's a good chance there isn't even one more piece in the area. Zoom out to world view and see if.

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I've found the piece down by the river, on the side where the pyramids are. But where is the other piece. I've got the collector reward, it showed.

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I'm in Egypt, on the quest trying to find mummitomium to bribe the 3. Once in buy mode do Ctrl - shift - c and type in buydebug with no spaces.

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Author Topic: What is Mummitomium??? Pam's Sims 4 World Blog "Half of my posts are Reply #3 on: December 10, , PMĀ».

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Does anyone know where to find mummitomium? pick up metals, you'll generally find at least three or four pieces of Mummitomium per day.

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Mummitomium is kind of a random spawn, so if it's not showing on the map, it's because none has spawned for that day. There are a couple or.

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In my experience, Mummitomium has a total of two spawning places in Egypt. Hi there:) Im a New Adventurer As I Just Got The Sims 3 World.