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Neo-Confucianism: The synthesis of Taoist cosmology and Buddhist spirituality around the core of Confucian concern with society and.

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What is Neo-Confucianism!!???? im doin a project on song dynasty n i didnt get Neo-confucianism.

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Confucius spent most of his life traveling throughout China, teaching about the .. by labeling Zhu and other Neo-Confucians a "rebel clique of false learning.".

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E-mail: kenancetinkaya@dads-space.com Abstract This paper questions the possible .. Also, Mencius and Neo-Confucians understood ren and its connection with li with . -The knowledge that the heart has about God, the messenger and Islam.

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The so-called Neo-Confucian movement of medieval China—which was a Confucian response to, and incorporated much from, Buddhism and.

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The dominance of Neo-Confucian social hierarchies in Late Imperial and Republican China, under which advanced age and generational.