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This is the last tutorial in our online QTP training series. in this case you don't need to know how many objects are in your description object.

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This is the 7th QTP Tutorial in our QTP training series. It uses this Test Object description to search for the objects to act on during a run.

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In this method, property:=value pairs describe the object. The general . Dim uName; uName = user; Browser("QTP Training").Page("QTP.

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This is UFT training tutorial article 8 where we will talk about the one of These objects and properties play a vital role in UFT, without these.

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Third, to check some activities of objects and properties perform on the . Save Multiple Object Repositories – UFT/QTP Training Tutorial

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QTP also uses a "human" like technology for object identification. During Record, Time QTP tries to learn the properties of a GUI object on.

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Now, the question arises: where these three properties came from? The answer is, QTP takes these properties from Object Identification screen which can be.

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Learn QTP software training in Pune from Placement institute with trainers Object Repositories To A Test; Working with Test Object Method & Properties.

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Leading QTP Training in Chennai provided by Software Testing Certified Experts Object Spy; Object Properties; Logical Name; Mandatory/Assistive properties.