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Nursing Times; 34/35, Peripheral venous catheters are commonly induration and a “palpable venous cord”. (Jackson, ).

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Peripheral venous cannulation is a common procedure used in hospital to deliver fluid and . formation, palpable venous cord. Grade 4 Pain at.

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INS, Infusion Nursing Society; i.v., intra venous; IV, intravenous. 1 Erythema = redness, 2 Induration = hardness, 3 Palpable venous cord = vein feels rope-like on.

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around site Swelling palpable venous cord 4 Advanced stage of phlebitis Or the start of thrombophlebitis RESITE CANNULA CONSIDER TREATMENT ALL of .

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If phlebitis progresses, you'll find redness and warmth above the venipuncture site, limb edema, a palpable cord along the venous pathway, and low-grade fever.

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Palpable venous cord = vein feels rope-like on palpation. For All Stages: • Consider the woman's clinical status and IV access. • Reassess need for IV.

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Signs include swelling, redness, heat, induration, purulence, a palpable venous cord (hard vein) and pain related to local inflammation of the vein at or near the.