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The fraudulent use of a patent pending is prohibited by law in many countries across the globe. In the UK, a patent pending warning notice should ideally.

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Find registered patents, patent applications and pending patents.

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Read the guide to patenting your invention for details of: supporting documents you must prepare - the PDFs you upload for your application mustn't be more.

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Patent pending is a term that you will often hear on programmes like Dragons' Den or The Apprentice. It occurs when inventors and.

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Patent pending or "patent applied for" are legal designations or expressions that can be used in In some jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom, a warning notice should ideally mention the number of the pending application.

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A patent is a legal right granted by the UK Intellectual Property Office for a An application for a UK patent must be made at the UK Intellectual Property Office.

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Learn how you can prepare and file a successful patent application online to your protect idea, process or invention with a patent from the UK.

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If you have already fully developed and prototyped your product and/or you have already submitted a UK patent application, we can help with finding a patent.