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MB is a good PermGen size if you have a decent amount of RAM. end up with not enough RAM left for programs other than Minecraft.

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regarding the total heap size, which is configured by increasing -Xmx=xGB. I am not sure regarding how Minecraft handles this memory, as I come will only help to keep your PermGen (-XX:MaxPermSize) clean but not.

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Important: In Java 8, support for PermGen was removed. Background With the update, Mojang added several libraries to the Minecraft.

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You have to change the values in the CATALINA_OPTS option defined in the Tomcat Catalina start file. To increase the PermGen memory change the value of .

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I edited to Minecraft 2GB dads-space.com to say this. . PermSize tells Java the minimum PermGen memory size. Java defaults to a value too low.

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Xmn needs to be set to ΒΌ the size [of Xmx] .. Some parameters (PermGen and GC come to mind) might need to be set by the user, but half of.

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Hi, Every time i run my server, before it loads it gives me this warning message: Warning, your max perm gen size is not set or less than mb.