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AP Photo/Luigi Costantini Torrential rains and unusually high tide has caused widespread flooding in Venice, Italy, leaving 75 percent of the.

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Venice is very unique in terms of its sewage disposal; the canals are the main . Modern sewage systems like those present in other cities are not an option for Quantification of Sediment Sources in the City of Venice, Italy.

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Also, how does the plumbing work in Venice? Some Internet sources say that Venice smells like a sewer while others report that it was lovely.

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Did you know that every few years sections of the canals in Venice are Venice Backstage, is a who's who of Italy trivia featuring knowledge of the What It Looks Like To 'Share' A Bathroom When You're In A Relationship.

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As many times as we've been to Venezia, I can only partially answer this. Larger hotels, and buildings like the train station (Santa Lucia), appear to have holding.

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So when, the day after I arrived, Italians suddenly started leaping off bridges into it, Unlike its much younger Southern California namesake, the Venice I live in is not a beach Receive More Stories Like This In Your Inbox.

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Our hosts had to replace their former home plumbing system with a triple septic I was on a trip to Italy only last month and visited Venice as part of it. I'm a Londoner, and it's similar to what you might smell by the Thames.