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The Proposition 13 that everybody knows about was a amendment to the Answered Aug 24, ยท Author has k answers and m answer views.

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I'd say you live in california. Back in the 70's the state had a BIG surplus from property tax revenue, so the voters elected to lower their rates.

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The Environment Prior to Proposition Prior to Proposition 13, the property tax rate throughout California averaged a little less than 3% of market value.

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Definition of proposition California initiative constitutional amendment approved in June that started an American anti-government tax revolt. The ballot.

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Prop 13 limits property taxes to 1% of the property's assessed value. That is another argument, but the short answer is it can all be paid for.

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Prop 13 was a measure that was voted into law in California that limited property taxes to 1 In essence, Prop 13 limited property taxes in California to no more than one percent of a home's assessed value. . I can't seem to find this answer.