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Looking at my fantasy scoring preview on CBS and it says I have a "PSR: " I've scoured the internet for an answer and the only thing I find is.

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Fantasy Baseball has made "two-start pitchers" a need-to-know item. along with how many "Pitcher's Starts Remaining" (PSR) you and your.

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The Basics Q: What is Fantasy Baseball? A: Fantasy Baseball gives you the opportunity to run your own team of professional baseball players. You draft your .

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Well, in most leagues, when you draft a fantasy baseball team, you weighted scale which I'm calling PSR (Positional Scarcity Rating), we find.

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Top Fantasy Baseball Questions Entering , Part 2 . on Player Rater (ESPN has their system, but we like what we've done with PSR).

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This never gets any play. But i thought i would bring it up. I know its a tedious game. Daily moves etc. I could make it a weekly locked league?.

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It allows for a less stressfull weekly management workload. No real strategy on a weekly basis. You can just set your line up and forget it for a.

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[QUOTE=Insider;]What does PSR mean?[/QUOTE] Pitching Starts . Fantasy baseball is my distraction. I'd lose every week for the Sox.