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The First Blood survival knife is a survival knife that was designed by Arkansas knifesmith Jimmy Lile, and used by John Rambo for most of First Blood. Rambo's .

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Details behind the knives used by John James Rambo used in the Rambo movies. The knives that Rambo used in the films are known as “Rambo” knives and.

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Rambo Knives Rambo First Blood Sylvester Stallone Signature Edition Knife $ Rambo Knives Masterpiece Collection Hollywood Collectibles Group First Blood Part II Sylvester. This officially licensed Rambo: First Blood Part II knife features a 9" blade and a cord-wrapped.

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14" overall. 9" matte satin finish stainless blade with sawback. Hollow handle wrapped in heavy OD green nylon cord. Aluminum butt cap with precision compass.

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A Bowie knife is a pattern of fixed-blade fighting knife created by James Black in the early 19th century for Jim Bowie, who had become famous for his use of a large knife at a duel known as the .. The Bowie knife was a staple in The Alamo movies of and ; the first three Rambo movies, First Blood (), Rambo.

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John Rambo (born July 6, ) is a fictional character in the Rambo saga. He first appeared in . When searching Rambo, Teasle discovers a large survival knife on Rambo's belt. At the Teasle calls in more officers and a helicopter, while Rambo abandons his motorcycle and makes his way into the deep terrain on foot.

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Survival knives are knives intended for survival purposes in a wilderness environment, often in an emergency when the user has lost most of his/her main .

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Lile made the first two knives for the Rambo movie franchise, including Rambo 2: The Mission, which Stallone called “the fans' favorite” and.

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The Rambo knives were revolutionary to the world of knife enthusiasts and collectors. . The movie script called for Rambo to be seen forging his knife. Gil made.