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The diagnosis of pulmonary sarcoidosis should be considered when unilateral hilar enlargement or a paratracheal mass is present. With this diagnosis in mind, .

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The effect of force applied to the left paratracheal oesophagus on air entry into the gastric antrum during positive-pressure ventilation using a.

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Paratracheal lymph nodes run along the sides of your trachea (windpipe) in the neck. These are the lymph nodes that often become swollen.

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occasionally right paratracheal adenopathy,. (2) thoracic lymphadenopathy and pulmonary densities, (3) pulmonary densities without lympha- denopathy, and.

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Paratracheal adenopathy usually occurs with hilar adenopathy and has been reported in up to 71% of patients [14]. The combination of right paratracheal and .

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The right and left paratracheal lymph nodes (or paratracheal chains) are groups of lymph nodes located in the throat. External links[edit]. Histology at dads-space.com