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Deliver a trusted experience that uncovers insights that can be accessed and shared securely across a single team or organization on one platform. Acquire, manipulate, and visualize BI from any source, including SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, and interactive analytics.

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SAP Lumira, Server for BI Platform enables consumption and governance of SAP Lumira content from the SAP BI / platform. Deliver Agility to business.

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SAP Lumira Server is an agile visualization solution that allows business users to analyze massive data volumes and get unique insight in real time. Designed.

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SAP Lumira, designer component + SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform. In an SAP Lumira Discovery-only deployment, only the SAP.

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SAP Lumira Server is a visual data analysis application that provides web You can use SAP Lumira Server to share datasets and stories based on SAP HANA.

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This blog discusses the steps involved in the installation of SAP Lumira Server on HANA, so as to help find faster and agile solutions for.