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By definition the universe is everything that there is. Hence if the universe is indeed expanding, then it is expanding into nothing. Note that an.

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One scientific guess is that the "Big Bang", the part of the Universe we are in, may be expanding into a much larger space that possibly has other "Big Bangs" in it.

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And, “if the universe is expanding, how come that the Andromeda galaxy is As it turns out, there are two possible answers to these question.

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Yahoo Answers. The aim is to remake the answers game by turning it into a Siri -like smartphone experience, letting to home and garden, but Patzer and company plan to expand into other areas in the future. Patzer says the company picked this space because experts tend to do work that takes a set.

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Author Tags Expand Author Tags Yahoo Answers (YA) is a large and diverse question-answer forum, acting not only as a .. Wanda Pratt, Bringing the field into focus: user-centered design of a patient expertise .. Anshumali Shrivastava , Ping Li, A new space for comparing graphs, Proceedings of the.

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On the evolution of the yahoo! answers QA community .. or expanding the query to include related concepts (expansion). .. Most of the existing methods do not take into consideration the fact that .. In most IR clustering problems, we directly cluster the documents, working in the document space, using.