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Antiperspirant/deodorant (APD) sticks are used to reduce underarm wetness and control body odor. These products are made by blending active ingredients.

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A deodorant is a substance applied to the body to prevent body odor caused by the bacterial As the popularity of aerosols slowly decreased, stick antiperspirants became more popular. Deodorant crystals containing synthetically made potassium alum were found to be a weak irritant to the skin. Unscented deodorant is.

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fatty alcohols (like stearyl alcohol), soaps (like sodium stearate), and/or propylene glycol are common carriers that make up the bulk of a solid deodorant stick.

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Take a glance at the back of your deodorant stick β€” do those lengthy shrub it's made from, witch hazel absorbs oils and constricts the size of.

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A deodorant stick with a smooth glide can be the difference between fresh If you have sensitive skin, consider using a deodorant made using.

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Our stick antiperspirants and deodorants soothe skin with our ΒΌ moisturising cream and offer long-lasting protection. Find out more here.

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The original moisturising antiperspirant deodorant from Dove – our signature clean scent with 48 hours of protection against wetness.