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If you are running Vista, my target would be System Restore,which is a big hdd hog. . I've deleted everything from the folder except fo C:\swsetup\AppInstl since .

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The SWSetup folder contains the installation files for all your drivers and When you wish to reformat your computer, say for Vista, you need.

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I have a humungous (2GB+) folder C:\SWSETUP, which, if. It's got Vista on it, which brings a whole ruck of other interesting conumdrums, but.

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On my system this folder is nearly 4GB. It seems only to be used in setting up dads-space.com it ok to delete?.

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What is exactly inside "SWSETUP" folder and how large is it. I believe the folder is a container for drivers on your HP computer. It may also.

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I have an HP desktop with Vista 32 bit Home premium with Vista The laptop has the folder SWSetup (C:\SWSetup) but the desk top does not.

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the file to a blank dvd and storing it with my vista recovery discs. swsetup stores software, updates, drivers that were provided by the vendor I have no doubt, you will be able to upgrade without the swsetup folder.