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Taegu is a popular Korean appetizer dish, often used in recipes for salads, noodle dishes and pancakes. Sweet, spicy, you can logo. Food Advertisements by.

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I go back to Honolulu as often as I can to visit my folks. And every time I go, it seems that they are into the next food craze. I love it! Ono Taegu.

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Ono meaning delicious in Hawaiian and Daegu or Taegu meaning cod in This fusion of food in Hawaii won't be found anywhere else as once it leaves the.

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So the topic I thought that I'd write about is Taegu. in Hawaii tend to make up their own food creations and categorize it with a certain culture.

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A friend recently dined in a Korean restaurant, and was served a dish that contained things he said "looked like small alien eggs" (I guess like.

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It is amazing how food photos on the internet can make you crave them. After seeing this musubi on Wowgrinds, I was craving taegu (tay-goo).