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In this article we will discuss about the thallus organisation found in algae. The plant body in algae is always a thallus. It is not differentiated in root, stem and.

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Algae represent the most diverse kingdom in form and structure with both prokaryotic Algal thallus organization can be broadly classified into Unicellular and.

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This lesson includes all the different types or range of Thallus structure in Algae.

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Other algae exist as aggregates of several single cells held together loosely or in a highly organized fashion, the colony. In these types of aggregates, the cell.

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Thallus (plural: thalli), from Latinized Greek θαλλός (thallos), meaning "a green shoot" or "twig", is the undifferentiated vegetative tissue of some organisms in diverse groups such as algae, fungi, some liverworts, lichens, and the Myxogastria. Even though thalli do not have organized and distinct parts ( leaves, roots, and.

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Thallus organisation is observed in some organisms like algae, fungi and other lower organisms. Thallus is an udifferentiated flat tissue which occurs as filament .

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branching. It represents the most basic form of multicellular algal thallus. macroalgae. Diagrams of pseudoparenchymatous organization of red algae. (a).