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If, by the arrival at the belly button, no odor is detected, one can surmise that it is safe to proceed. The detection of odor during the belly button test, on the other.

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By now you've probably heard of "the belly button test"—the totally real and not at all made up or completely offensive and ludicrous challenge.

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Gerald Reibmann is the author of “Centered” and in his book he reveals that the shape of your belly button says things about your personality.

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China's newest meme: snap a photo of yourself while reaching behind your back and around your waist so that your hand covers your belly.

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(Source) — A new craze involving a simple test to show how good your figure really is has taken China by storm. The challenge has seen.

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Over the past few days, a trend known as the “belly button challenge” has under the pretense that the challenge is a test of health and fitness.

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The latest craze hitting the Internet by storm is the “Belly Button Challenge.” According to Buzzfeed, it originated in China where young women took selfies to .